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Welcome back and thank you for bearing with me in my couple of weeks intermission of Season 4 of the podcast. In this episode, I interview a teacher friend of mine, Miranda, who I think has a really empowering story for lots of people. She has made a shift away from full time teaching, but she’s now teaching in a lot of different contexts.

Miranda shares that it was a really difficult decision for her at the time but I really like the way she made some choices based on her values and what would be sustainable and effective for her long term, but also bu looking back at what her original goals were and why she became a teacher in the first place. She figured out how to still meet those goals without being in the traditional full-time school teacher context that most of us think is ‘being a teacher’. I hope you enjoy this episode and Miranda’s story, I think there’s a lot in it for us all to learn from.

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