Season 4 Teacher Wellbeing Podcast Episode 7 Daniela Falecki

Daniela Falecki from has been called the ‘Keep-it-real Teacher’ because she is passionate, energetic, funny and most importantly realistic. As a teacher for more than 20 years, she knows all too well the stress, frustrations and struggles teachers face.

You might remember Daniela from Season 3 where she shared her journey from teacher to coach to PD presenter in Episode 2. She’s also one of the sponsors of the podcast so I’m thrilled to welcome her back as a repeat guest!

In this episode, Daniela shares how teachers are faring at the coal face, what she is hearing from teachers around Australia and some really valuable advice about time management. She also explains some important questions you need to be asking in order to support yourself, as well as evidence-based strategies for your wellbeing, and some great resources too.

You can connect with Daniela @teacherwellbeing for Instagram and Facebook, @dfalecki on Twitter and LinkedIn.

This episode is brought to you by Daniela Falecki’s teacher wellbeing cards. These 52 cards give you simple daily reminders to help better support your wellbeing. Find them and Daniela’s other resources at

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Links mentioned in this episode:

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  • Book a spot for the Toowoomba Teachers Time Out mini-retreat on Saturday 20th October, 2018 here
  • Find out more about B J Fogg’s Tiny Habits that Daniela mentions here 
  • Martin Seligman’s PERMA model of happiness 
  • Mindfulness apps Daniela Mentions are Calm and Insight Timer
  • Daniela’s Book Recommendation is First Aid for Teacher Burnout, by Jenny Grant Rankine, which you can find in most online bookstores such as Amazon 
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