Season 3 Teacher Wellbeing Podcast Episode 11 Steve Waters

In this episode of the Teacher Wellbeing Podcast, I interview Steve Waters from the Teach Well Alliance in the UK. Steve is a former high school English and Drama teacher, who worked for 30 years in high schools in the UK including as an Assistant Principal.

After spending some time in a consultancy role for the district, he began noticing an increasing number of teachers were struggling under the pressures of the job and that wellbeing crises were happening more frequently. He decided to do something about it, and has set up the Teach Well Alliance where he works with schools to help them through a 12-month organisational wellbeing program for staff.

The Teach Well Alliance also has a conference coming up in July called Tackling Teacher Burnout, so if you’re in the UK keep an eye out for that! In this episode, Steve and I talk about some of the factors that influence organisational wellbeing in schools, the expensive and vicious cycle of high staff absences, and some great tips for early career teachers to help support their wellbeing and practice.

You can connect with Steve on Linked In or find out more about his work and the conference at

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