Season 3 Teacher Wellbeing Podcast Episode 9

In this episode, I interview Kelly Hine from Body and Soul Retreats. Kelly has a background as an early childhood educator and university lecturer. She now runs retreats, is a Reiki Master, mindfulness, meditation and self-love teacher. She has an online membership community, Soul Space, which delivers weekly soul-nurturing mini-retreats that blend the best of science and spirituality for a happy, peaceful and meaningful life. I have experienced some of Kelly’s meditations at a retreat, and they’re just beautiful. 

I really resonated with Kelly’s story in this episode. She describes her younger self as a workaholic, insomniac, overthinking stress head worrier, who loved her job but lived and breathed work, which really took its toll. In this episode, she shares her health and wellbeing journey from there and how meditation and mindfulness helped her heal and create a life of more wellbeing.

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