Season 3 Teacher Wellbeing Podcast Episode 8

Ever feel like a slave to your email inbox or to those little red notification numbers on your social media apps?

I do, and it’s something I’ve been working hard to improve over the last year and a half. In this episode, I share with you the digital boundaries I’ve been setting up and how they’ve made a difference in my life, helping improve my productivity, my relationships and my sleep.

Social media and email is here to stay, and it’s a wonderful thing that we can connect to each other through these mediums at all hours and across huge distances. It’s not about removing them from your life altogether, nor is it about implementing the exactly list of things that I’ve tried in exactly the order I share them. I invite you to simply reflect on your experience of the impact of email and social media on your life and wellbeing, and consider approaching these platforms with more intention and less mindless scrolling. I’m confident that when you do, you’ll find more enjoyment in the platforms and your life!

At the start of this episode I also make a few announcements and reminders, including about the second in the free webinar series I’m running called ‘Preventing Burnout: Managing Stress’. It will be on May 8th 2018 at 6pm AEST and you can sign up at

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