Season 3 Teacher Wellbeing Podcast Blog Title Episode 5 Trudy from Teachers Thriving

In this episode, I interview Trudy from Teachers Thriving Magazine ( Trudy is a former Teacher and Principal who now works in a regional support role in Queensland, and has a lot of wisdom to share from her many years in the education system across a variety of roles. In this interview, Trudy shares her own wellbeing journey, including the juggling act of having a family and a career, and what she did to deal with her working mother guilt. We also touch on the problem many teachers face of having trouble sleeping, as well as why Trudy is seeking work-life satisfaction rather than work-life balance. Of course, we also explore the beautiful Teachers Thriving Magazine, which is not like your standard teacher’s journal or professional publication that you might find littering the tables in the staff common room. It’s a beautiful and very inspiring read and if you’re looking for some holiday reading, I highly recommend it.

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