Teacher Wellbeing Podcast Season 3 Teacher Stories Katie from See Me Know Me Teach Me

This is the first Teacher Story episode of Season 3, where I interview early childhood and primary school teacher Katie, who shares her journey from health challenges to wellbeing. We talk about the occupational hazard for teachers around our voice, her experience of moving to a new place for school transfer and the impact that had on her personal and professional wellbeing. She shares some wonderful wellbeing tips, and I think the most interesting part of her story is how teaching wellbeing practices to the students in her class is what transformed Katie’s personal wellbeing. 

Katie also runs See Me, Know Me, Teach Me, which she is setting up in order to share wellbeing tips and strategies for students and children. She wants to support children in their school and home lives, and I highly recommend following her on Facebook too.

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  • Find Katie at See Me, Know Me, Teach me via her website, on Facebook, on Instagram @seeme_kmowme_teachme or email katie [at] seemeknowmeteachme [dot] com
  • Katie mentions the resources Smiling Mind and Go Noodle for use in the classroom
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