Season 3 Episode 2 Teacher Wellbeing Podcast

In this episode of the Teacher Wellbeing Podcast, I interview Daniela from about all things Teacher Wellbeing! 

Daniela works specifically with schools and teachers to improve both whole-school organisational wellbeing as well as personal wellbeing for individual teachers.

I really enjoyed this conversation because Daniela and I are very aligned in our approaches. We both agree that it’s important to be proactive about wellbeing and that tiny habits done regularly make more of a difference than one-off events.

In this episode, we discuss the difference between taking personal responsibility for our lives (which moves us forwards) and sitting in self-blame (which keeps us stuck). Daniela shares a number of really practical action steps we can all take to be proactive (instead of reactive) about our wellbeing, and how to work on wellbeing from the inside out first.

In the end, it’s about being kinder to ourselves and understanding that student wellbeing starts with teacher wellbeing. 

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Remember: you are a person first and a teacher second! Be well!

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