Notes to first-year self: Six educators share their teacher wellbeing wisdom

Welcome back to Season 6 of the Teacher Wellbeing Podcast! I’m so excited to be here and back on your airwaves and in your earbuds every week for the next 10 weeks at least.

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Today I’m excited to share with you the voicemails that I have received since I asked for listeners to call in and Leave me a voicemail for Season 6 of the Teacher Wellbeing Podcast answering this question:

Thinking back on your first year of teaching, what did you learn about staying healthy and cultivating wellbeing as a person and as a teacher? Put another way, what advice would you give your first-year teacher self about staying healthy and cultivating wellbeing as a teacher?”   

Thank you so much to Trudy, Wendy, Brenda, Alisa, Michelle and Melinda for your beautiful voicemails.

I know they will make a difference to the listeners at whatever stage of life and career they may be at when they listen. 

Dear listener, you can still call in and leave me your voicemails because I have loved hearing these answers: 

  • You can ask a question that you’d like me to answer on the show
  • You can answer this reflective question of what do you wish you’d known in your first year or what advice you would give your first year self 
  • And I’d love to hear from you about your experience in this pandemic. In particular I’d like to spark some reflection for you on what you have learned from this pandemic that you will take forward with you, what you have let go of and or what really matters.

I’d love to hear your questions and or your answers and all the details about how you can leave me a voicemail here.

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As always, remember you’re a person first and a teacher second and you are WORTHY of your own care.

May you continue to look after yourself wholeheartedly this year, be a beacon of inspiration for others and an example to encourage your colleagues to do the same.