Season 5 Teacher Wellbeing Podcast SM Episode 11

TWP S05 E11: Teacher Stories | Jessica from Lead and Inspire

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In this episode I have a brilliant conversation with fellow teacher wellbeing enthusiast, Jessica Terlick from Lead and Inspire Community. Jessica shares her story with us and it’s one I think you’ll relate to. She tells us about her experiences as a preservice and early career teacher and how she fell into the trap that so many of us fall into, which is living and breathing the job and letting work take over life as well.

It’s obvious she’s done a lot of self-reflection and can see how some of her patterns were contributing to that. Jessica shares with us in this episode how being so driven to achieve and succeed, while on the surface is a great trait, ended up undermining her health and wellbeing as a person because Jessica the teacher became the sole focus.

We also discuss how her partner Ben helped her find more work-life balance, and what led her to creating the Lead and Inspire Community. Jessica also shares some brilliant tips to help you thrive in the classroom and in life.

You can find Jessica at follow her on Facebook and Instagram @leadandinspirecommunity

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