Season 5 Teacher Wellbeing Podcast SM Episode 9

TWP S05 E09: Life after Teacher, with Gabbie Stroud (Part 2)

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I think this week’s episode is an absolute must-listen for any teacher today. It’s Part 2 of my conversation with Gabbie Stroud, author of the best-selling book ‘Teacher’, and if you haven’t yet, I do recommend you go and listen to Part 1 of this interview which is the previous episode on the podcast.

In that episode Gabbie told us a bit about her story, we talked about the expectations on teachers and the state of education in 2019 and the visible and invisible work of the job. Plus Gabbie told us how writing the book was cathartic for her and she shared some of her recovery process too.

In Part 2, we talk about the ‘soldier on’ culture in our schools and why that’s so dangerous, and how important but also how difficult real rest is. Gabbie also shares very honestly her grief over leaving teaching and the struggles that she’s had since then, plus we have what I think is possibly the most important conversation of the year when it comes to teacher health and wellbeing and burnout, which is around financial security.

It’s something that I just don’t think is discussed enough and I’m so so grateful for the absolute honesty that Gabbie displays here. We discuss how when you’re at your wits end and physically and emotionally burnt out, you aren’t always in a great state to be making wise decisions, and while quitting your teaching job may seem to be the thing you should do because it’s causing so much stress, it actually be taking you out of the frying pan and into the fire.

We also talk about what’s on the horizon for Gabbie, including the book she’s writing called ‘A letter to the parents of Australia’, and what wellbeing looks like for her these days. It’s a really great conversation and I hope you enjoy!

You can find Gabbie on Facebook or Instagram @gabbiestroud and Twitter @gj_stroud

The blog post I mention at the end of this episode can be found here, and you can also check out my Teachers Pay Teachers Store here, or the Patreon page here. Thank you all for your continued support!

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