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I share 5 steps to changing your health habits and improving your wellbeing as a teacher. When I’m coaching teachers, running live webinars or presenting workshops and retreats, you tell me that your habits are something you know undermines your wellbeing, especially as the busy times of term set in. So hopefully this episode will be quite timely for you and will help you cultivate wellbeing habits that support your health and happiness not just on the school holidays but throughout the year as well.

  • Find some helpful worksheets, including a self-coaching worksheet, a healthy habit tracker and a free training about healthy habit hacks, in the freebies library on the Self-Care for Teachers Resource Room:
I also have some important people to thank. In case you don’t know, podcasts are free to listen to but they’re not free to make and if you’ve been paying attention on the socials, you’ll know I ran a successful crowdfunding campaign earlier in the year to make this Season 5 of the show possible.
  • I want to publicly thank the people who supported this show via that Pozible campaign. So, a big shout out goes to Naomi Arnold, Jessica B, Penny C, Bek P, Kelsey G, Jessica D, Amanda Rootsey, Leanne, Jess H, Amorina, Marie-Therese, David Masefield, Valda, Karly Nimmo, Naomi C, Sarah P, Phil C, Miranda, Katrina Bourke from Katrina Bourke Coaching, Katie McCray from See Me, Know Me, Teach Me, Jessica Terlick from Lead and Inspire, Trudy from Teachers Thriving and Zoe Eather from My Smart Community.
  • There were also a number of wonderful, wonderful people who contributed to the crowdfunded who wished to remain anonymous, and I completely respect their wish. However, I do want to give them a shout out here as well without mentioning names. So thank you, dear anonymous supporters, you know who you are and I am truly grateful.
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As always, remember you’re a person first and a teacher second and you are worthy of your own care x

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Remember: you are a person first and a teacher second! Be well!

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