Leave me a voicemail for the Teacher Wellbeing Podcast!

All you need is your phone or computer and you can leave me a voicemail.

You can ask me a question, make a comment about any past episodes, or suggest a topic for a future episode.

To contribute to the super special season six secret schedule, follow the instructions below!

In 3 minutes or less, answer the following question:

Thinking back on your first year of teaching, what did you learn about staying healthy and cultivating wellbeing as a person and as a teacher?

Put another way, what advice would you give your first-year teacher self about staying healthy and cultivating wellbeing as a teacher?

A few notes about leaving a voicemail:

Introduce yourself first and then share your answer. I suggest using only your first name and state as an identifier, to protect your privacy.

E.g. “Hi, I’m Ellen from Queensland and in my first year of teaching I learned just how important food is for my wellbeing, because it’s the fuel that my body runs on….” etc.

You don’t need fancy tech can record straight into the inbuilt microphone in your phone or computer, or you can use an external mic. The headset that comes with your mobile phone is a great option. Just make sure you’re recording in a quiet room–that’s the key!

Please note, I’m not asking for your advice for today’s first-year teachers – they are on their own journeys and they get enough advice already! – but we can all learn from reflecting on our own journey and by listening to each others’ stories.

We’ve all learned some stuff along the way, through trail and error, by making and fixing mistakes, and sometimes by sheer hard work.

When you reflect on your first year (or first few years) as a teacher, I’m sure there are lessons you have learned and ways you do things now because of those lessons you learned.

That is what I’d love for you to share with other teachers: your lessons and reflections.

Remember also that this is a podcast that focuses on people first and teachers second, and on wellbeing not curriculum. So please keep your voicemail on topic!

Teachers of all grades, subjects and locations (yes, internationally!) listen to this podcast, so be aware that if you share a specific learning about teaching a certain part of the NSW Year 2 curriculum, while it’s great that you have figured that out, it likely won’t get included in the podcast.

IMPORTANT: By leaving a voicemail you give permission for your voice to be played on an episode of the Teacher Wellbeing Podcast or in other materials that will be published and broadcast online. Privacy is important so please do not include personally identifying details about yourself, your school or your students.