I’m not a teacher, but I need self-care support!

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Burnout isn’t only a problem for teachers. 

Everyone needs self-care.

Workplace wellbeing programs and more work-life balance support systems are desperately needed in many industries.

We all have responsibilities in our lives and people that we want to take care of. But we need to be well enough, mentally and physically, to do so. The modern day rat-race doesn’t currently set us up very well for that. 

Plus, each one of us also has our own personal self-care barriers that prevent us from prioritising our health, happiness and wellbeing. 

That’s why the plane safety message of fitting your own oxygen mask before helping others applies to people in all industries, not just teachers. 

People often ask me if I only work with teachers. They tell me that they aren’t a teacher but they feel they could use wellbeing coaching. 

The good news is that I am happy to work with anyone who is ready to be proactive about their health, happiness and wellbeing.

I do this via my other business, The Harmony Agenda.

If you resonate with the message of Self-Care for Teachers but you are not a teacher yourself, then I invite you to work with me there.

I offer all the same services, but without the focus on teachers and the education system.

The Harmony Agenda is also the place where I blog about my personal and business development, and other topics that aren’t really relevant to Self-Care for Teachers.

The truth is that I am a person first and a teacher second, and sometimes the things I want to blog about don’t have anything to do with teaching or education!

The Harmony Agenda was my first foray into the online world and has been my online home for 4 years now.

You can also follow me and my harmony agenda journey on Facebook and Instagram. 

Take care and choose your own agenda!