Choose your own agenda

So, today’s blog is supposed to be about choosing your own adventure. But for three years now I have lived by an alternative mantra: choose your own agenda.
What does choose your own agenda mean to me? 
Well…it’s about being the leading lady, the driving force, the managing director of my life. It’s about choosing what kind of life I want to live and taking steps to create it. It’s about figuring out what actually IS my agenda, and then going about implementing it.
It’s so easy to get caught up in everybody else’s agendas for your life. Family, work, society… they all tell you how you should and shouldn’t be behaving. There are so many ways you can implement a ‘choose your own agenda’ attitude:
For your mind
Choose your thoughts!!! This is a wonderful, revolutionary and really bloody difficult concept. How amazing that I can control my thoughts!
For your life
Figure out your top priorities and then go about making them top. Put first things first, sacrifice the stuff that doesn’t matter for the stuff that matters the most.
For your day
If you fail to plan you plan to fail. We’ve all heard it before. As teachers, we know we need to plan our lessons. But what about the rest of our days?
For many of us, it’s school holidays right now. (Woohoo!) We get to do whatever we want with our days for a couple of weeks. Sure, there is marking to finish and planning for next term to be done, but there’s also a lot of flexibility about our time. Make yours count!
How have I chosen my agenda on the first weekend of the holidays? 
Yesterday I didn’t leave the house! Well, except for putting washing on the line and wandering about the garden admiring all the weeds that have sprung up with the recent rain. This was completely intentional and pure heaven for a tired introvert like me. I’m completely exhausted after the busiest term of the year and so I had planned a total hibernation day. This was absolutely crucial for me as my body was crying out for rest. I watched about 8 episodes of Gilmore Girls and just pottered about the house. After a week relaxing on my gut healing diet and feeling the consequences, I made chicken broth and ate lots of gut healing foods. Then I watched the new Star Wars with my hubby and went to bed early.
Today, we went out for breakfast and then I cleaned out my wardrobe. I’ve also been to the gym, had a phone date with my bestie who’s moving overseas tonight (tonight!) and caught up on some reading, as well as spending at least 10 minutes in my inbox cleaning out emails as I promised to do yesterday.
None of these are hugely revolutionary tasks but they reflect clearly my priorities: caring for my energy levels, caring for my physical body, caring for my mind, caring for my relationships, caring for my space/environment. If I don’t put these things on top of my priority list each week, and especially on holidays and weekends when I have some extra time, then it’s too easy to let other people’s agendas fill up my time.
I’d love to know, what is your agenda for these school holidays?
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