Before this coaching experience, I was feeling frustrated with my weight and inability to make the changes in my life that I was wanting on my own. It was affecting my self-esteem, not just the weight but also the lack of progress that I was wanting to see. 

Through coaching with Ellen, I was able to identify my emotional needs that were being unmet by myself and that I was self-soothing with food. I can see that I was craving love and acceptance from others but not giving it to myself first. Ellen has helped me move above the line and take action to not only love myself and tend to my own emotional needs, but also to take the steps I needed to lose weight like I wanted and get fit. 

As a result of working with Ellen, I now feel a sense of love and kindness towards myself that has changed my whole attitude to food and exercise and weight. I highly recommend coaching with Ellen to anyone who wants to learn to love themselves more. She is gentle and accepting, creating a safe space to explore true wants and needs, teaching the steps to self-sooth and self-care in resourceful ways.

Madison BMelbourne

Before being coached by Ellen, I felt unsure how to best proceed with some important relationships in my life. Through coaching from Ellen I was able to identify how previous strategies for creating self-reliance were actually counterproductive to moving forward in my relationships and in other professional areas of my life. 

As a result of working with Ellen, I am now confident in identifying and owning up to areas where I need assistance. I feel more confident in asking for help when I need it. 

I would recommend Ellen to anyone who is ready to tackle their personal road blocks and is serious about creating meaningful change in their lives, particularly around those areas that are of most importance to them. Ellen was able to create a trustworthy and safe space to explore which beliefs and strategies were best able to support my desire for growth and understanding at a personal level.

Ana FBrisbane

I had very little idea of what to expect from coaching or what impact it could have on my way of thinking but Ellen talked me through the process and answered all my questions. She assisted me in pinpointing the areas of my life I wished to improve upon and then helped me to set goals and develop strategies to achieve them. 

With her encouragement, I was able to categorise and juggle many commitments without becoming overwhelmed or giving up. I am now better at recognising unproductive thought-patterns and bypassing them in order to continue on with a considered plan of attack. Coaching has also provided me with the tools to give more structure to my life and to be more conscious and proud of my successes. 

Ellen’s excellent listening skills, pragmatic approach and honest advice all make her an invaluable coach. She has been my confidant and sounding board and I would happiness recommend her to others.

Maddison CPerth