About Self-Care for Teachers

Self-Care for Teachers is an online teacher wellbeing hub founded by Ellen Ronalds Keene. It began life as a Facebook Support Group (now archived) and soon expanded to a podcast, coaching services and a series of wellbeing resources. 

Ellen is a teacher, wellbeing coach and passionate self-care advocate who understands the demands of the teaching profession. She has been on her own journey of illness and burnout, and knows how powerful self-care can be in reclaiming health and happiness, both in the classroom and in life. Find out more about Ellen here.

Why Self-Care for Teachers?

There’s a lot of talk in the media and political circles these days that teachers need to do more, be more, achieve more. The government invests a lot of resources in the training and ongoing development of teachers, and they expect to see results.

Meanwhile, there is an increasing number of teachers suffering stress-related illness and burnout. Some of these educators struggle through at a reduced capacity, while others leave the profession for good. Either way, something clearly needs to change.

Happy, healthy people are more effective teachers and more productive members of society. Many educators put everyone else’s health and happiness before their own, in the hope of making a difference. However, this is backfiring because the external expectations and demands of the job continue to increase despite the dwindling reserves of teachers.

The plane safety message is all about self-care. Fit your own oxygen mask before helping others. This is what we as teachers need to learn and practise in order for us to go on making a difference long into the future.

Our mission

  • to facilitate and contribute to the conversation about teacher wellbeing, positive schools and burnout prevention
  • to inspire and empower educators of all kinds to take back control of their health and happiness by being proactive about their wellbeing
  • to give teachers permission to put themselves first, and to remind them that this benefits everybody
  • to advocate for teachers and their wellbeing, and to promote the teaching profession
  • to improve the wellbeing of staff and students to create school communities that thrive instead of just survive